About us


Serbian Senologic Society is a professional, scientific, non-governmental and non-profit society which gathers doctors and other highly qualified experts in order to accomplish the goals in the field of senology – the field of medicine which deals with the changes and diseases of breasts.

SERBIAN SENOLOGIC SOCIETY was founded in order to establish a strong connection and a fruitful collaboration among all the specialties which deal with changes and diseases of breasts, and with the aim to improve the patients’ health and their quality of life. The Senologic International Society (SIS), founded in 1976 in Strasbourg (France), now connects the national senologic societies throughout the world with the same aim.


The President of Serbian Senologic society (SUS),

Prof. Dr. sci. med. Dragana Đilas

The Society collects and analyses the professional, scientific literature, organizes professional conferences and publishes texts in scientific-professional magazines in the country and abroad. Through the connection and collaboration with eminent domestic and foreign experts, we want to improve the patients’ quality of life.


  1. To gather all the experts with the aim to promote the knowledge in Biology and Medicine related to the diseases and conditions of breasts with the aim to improve the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of breast diseases, to expand the knowledge related to the field of Senology and to encourage the interaction with the Society.
  2. To be engaged in constant professional and scientific training of all its members by organizing professional and scientific conferences, courses, seminars and congresses in the field of Senology.
  3. To support and develop researches, as well as to encourage professional and scientific publications related to the purpose of SUS; to organize conferences, arouse the public awareness by using all the means of education, informing and advertising.
  4. To cooperate with the relevant national bodies and offices as well as with international healthcare organizations.
  5. To cooperate with all the people and legal bodies that can contribute to the achievement of the aims of the organization.
  6. To cherish and develop the principles of medical ethics among its members, to encourage their mutual collaboration and respect.
  7. To follow the organization and work of healthcare organizations in the field of their competence, to point to possible shortcomings and to suggest professional or organizational solutions.

These activities will be the result of meetings and periodical gatherings, various publications, conferences, professional meetings and all the initiatives that can contribute to the purpose of the existence of this society. SUS has no political or religious aims and it is a non-profit organization.


The members of the society can be doctors specialists in the fields of radiology, surgery, pathology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, internal medicine, oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, medical biochemistry, epidemiology, medical pharmacology, psychiatry, molecular biology, psychology or pharmacy.