ESMO 2017 Industry Satellite Symposium on Biosimilars for Oncologists: what you need to know





Dear Colleague,

In my capacity as Co-Chair, it is my pleasure to send you the attached invitation to an ESMO 2017 Industry Satellite Symposium on Biosimilars for Oncologists: what you need to know, organised by the Biosimilar Medicines Group, a sector group of Medicines for Europe.

This educational symposium is open to all ESMO Congress participants and is free of charge. It is taking place on Friday 8th September from 18:00-20:00 in the Pamplona Auditorium at the IFEMA Feria (Hall 4) in Madrid.

Whereas biosimilar medicines, inclusive of monoclonal antibodies, have been available in Europe for more than 10 years, including in areas such as supportive cancer care, they may still be considered new by many oncologists. Since biosimilar medicines will now enter the therapeutic armamentarium in the field of primary oncology care, the aim of this symposium is to provide an opportunity for oncologists to familiarise themselves with these safe and cost-effective treatment options which have the potential to increase patient access, and which play a crucial role for the sustainability of the healthcare systems. 

An impressive faculty, including Elena Wolff-Holz, Chair of the EMA Biosimilar Medicines Working Party, will cover the scientific principles of the biosimilarity concept, the role of the clinical trials in biosimilar development as well as the pharmaco-economic angle of these medicinal products. Extrapolation of indications for oncology biosimilars, as well as “interchangeability” will be an integral part of the panel discussion.

Please, find attached the invitation with the detailed programme. We kindly invite you to dispatch this invitation amongst your organisation.

As Co-Chair, I also welcome any questions you may want me to raise with the faculty during this important ESMO 2017 Industry Satellite Symposium. Please, do not hesitate to send me the questions from now (to the email above), and I will do my best to incorporate them into the discussion.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Madrid,

Fernando de Mora, PhD, MBA
Professor of Pharmacology

Dept. of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology

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