Masterclass. Kurs patologije dojke sa radiološkom korelacijom – Opatija, Hrvatska 17-19.10.2019.

Masterclass. Kurs patologije dojke sa radioloskom korelacijom

Mesto održavanja – Hotel Admiral, Opatiji, Hrvatska

Vreme – 17-19.10.2019.

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Objectives – The program of this diagnostic masterclass is adapted to the needs of the multidisciplinary tumor board in the era of mammography screening, early detection of breast carcinomas, precision surgery, and targeted oncological therapy. The recent advances in modern breast imaging represent a challenge for pathologist to fulfil the requirements for detailed and systematic radiological – pathological correlation and to provide correct morphological background for interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapeutic decision-making. This masterclass aims to facilitate better understanding of breast diseases and improved communication between the members of the breast team in order to avoid misinterpretation of the findings, under- or over-diagnosis and to assure adequate treatment of the individual patient.

Program highlights

The program is partly based on that of previous masterclasses and that of the breast pathology arm of the European School of Pathology and comprise presentations of related theories and practical issues, case demonstrations with radiological correlation, as well as analysis of large format digital histological slides.
The main topics are
• Normal breast anatomy, the basis for understanding breast radiology and pathology;
• Subgross morphological parameters valid for all the members of the breast team;
• Interdisciplinary approach in preoperative and postoperative diagnosis of breast diseases;
• The effect of mammography screening on the panorama of breast diseases;
• Multifocal and diffuse breast carcinomas;
• The role of molecular methods in diagnosing breast diseases.


This masterclass is designed for the members of the breast team: practicing pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists, both specialists and trainees.


The members of the faculty are internationally recognized experts in the field, authors and co-authors of related textbooks, guidelines and other publications, frequently invited speakers on international meetings


Thursday – October 17, 2019

13:30 Introduction

14:00 Edward Azavedo: The effects of nation-wide mamography screening

14:45 Gábor Cserni: Molecular and / or classical breast pathology: pros and cons

15:30 Break

16:00 Tibor Tot: The ‘sick lobe’ concept 1. Normal breast tissue

17:30 Discussion

20:00 Welcome reception


Friday – October 18, 2019

09:00 Tibor Tot:The ́sick lobe ́ concept 2: General pathology of breast lesions

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Tibor Tot: The ́sick lobe ́ concept 3: Carcinoma in situ

11:30 Gábor Cserni, Edward Azavedo, Tibor Tot: Case demonstrationsLunch

14:30 Gábor Cserni, Edward Azavedo, Tibor Tot: Case demonstrations

15:15 Edward Azavedo: Interval cancers

16:00 Coffee break

16:30Gábor Cserni: Assessment of the lymph nodes

17:30 Tibor Tot: Case Quiz

20:00 Course dinner Preliminary Program

Saturday – October 19, 2019
09:30 Tibor Tot: Preoperative diagnostic approach
10:00 Tibor Tot: The postoperative work-up of the specimens
10:45 Gábor Cserni: Troubleshooting at the MDT level
11:45 Take home messages
12:00 Course evaluation
14:00 Facultative excursion with dinner